Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia

Our Fisher Clinical Services Russia team has a track record of excellence in supporting multi-national pharmaceutical and biotech companies, their local representatives and CROs.

Powered by people with an exceptional commitment to providing best-in-class service in Eastern Europe, our project management teams are well versed to address the unique nuances of this vast and diverse region.

Next day delivery is achieved for the Moscow region and 2-3 day delivery for more remote locations. We also distribute supplies to Belarus & Kazakhstan.

Site Offerings

  • Importation/Exportation services including serving as Importer of Record, tax and duty payments, and customs clearance
  • Validated GMP storage at ambient, controlled ambient (15°C to 25°C), refrigerated (2°C to 8°C) and frozen (-15°C to -80°C) temperatures with backup generators and alert system
  • Secondary packaging at ambient or refrigerated temperatures
  • In-house labeling, including cold chain, and expiry date labeling/relabeling
  • Comparator sourcing
  • Clinical Ancillary Management
  • Pick & Pack, and Distribution services that include temperature management and monitoring for local, regional and international shipments
  • Clinical supply returns / storage / destruction service

Moscow is a gateway to 142 million patients and one of the fastest growing clinical markets. Download the site capabilities fact sheet to learn more about this location.

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Site Capabilities Fact Sheet

Moscow, RU

142180, Klimovsk, Moscow District
Kommunalnaya Str. 23 A

+7 495 505 65 64

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