Manatí, Puerto Rico, USA

Manatí, Puerto Rico, USA

Our Manatí facility specializes in the medium to high volume commercial manufacture of solid dosage forms including tablets, capsules, bulk granules, and powders packaged in bottles. 

Specialized Capabilities

The facility’s environmental controls and ventilation systems facilitate explosion-proof manufacturing, including solvent coating of tablets and high-potent compounds. This flexible facility also has a low-humidity manufacturing suite for moisture-sensitive tablet formats as well as a low humidity storage facility.

In addition to its solid dosage form expertise, Manatí also offers capabilities in the manufacture of controlled release technologies, including those utilizing matrix and coating strategies.

Manatí operations carries a US DEA manufacturing registration (Schedule II, III, III-N to V, Listed Chemicals) and an analytical registration (Schedule II, II-N, III, III-N to V, Listed Chemicals) for controlled substances in the U.S.

  • High potent compounds using dry blend and granulation processes (tablets and capsules, including banding)
  • Center of Excellence for oral powders
  • Center of Excellence for oral solid dosages
  • Pilot plant available for training and small scale manufacturing/troubleshooting

Manatí is routinely inspected by its clients and USA regulatory agencies. The facility is approved by regulatory authorities around the world including:

  • USA
  • Europe
  • Sweden
  • Turkey
  • Switzerland
  • Brazil
  • Korea

The facility has approval to handle controlled substances from the DEA and local authorities.

Learn more about the specific equipment and capabilities at this site by downloading our Site Fact Sheet.

Site Preview: Rheinfelden, Germany

State Road 670 Km. 2.7
Manatí, PR 00674
Phone: +1 787 621 2500