Laboratory processing

The real value of biospecimens lies in the data they generate to advance scientific research. Using state-of-the-art workflows, advanced genomics approaches, and comprehensive informatics solutions, we provide timely and accurate analysis of stored samples. And because sample integrity is essential to the success of research, we take every precaution to ensure and measure the safety of stored samples.

Our services at-a-glance

We offer a global network of biorepository and laboratory processing services that support personalized medicine and accelerate discoveries that lead to innovative, effective, and safe healthcare products.

Molecular biology laboratory within biorepository can:

BSL-2 and CL3 laboratories

Our laboratories are purpose-built to support our biorepository operations and have the capability and trained staff to process multiple sample types.

This includes blood and blood derivatives (plasma, PBMCs, buffy coat, serum), stool, urine, saliva, CSF and other body fluids, cancer tissues/cell lines, cfDNA, FFPE blocks, amniotic fluid, cord blood, placenta, breast milk, meconium, nail clippings, hair, semen, cervical swabs, bacteria, plant, food, soil, viruses, or any other human or veterinary samples.

Key laboratory capabilities

Automated sample processing

Blood fractionation

Various types of unwanted pre-analytical variability can be introduced at numerous points in the life of a sample. We reduce freeze thaw cycles to a minimum by automated aliquoting, or dividing samples into many parts, and use step-down freezing to protect cell viability.

Nucleic acid or protein extractions and analysis

Our automated liquid handling capabilities and automated nucleic acid extraction workflows allow us to aliquot samples into “assay ready” plates for high throughput screening, and single use aliquots to minimize freeze-thaw cycles. We also offer customized, manual and small-scale sample processing solutions to meet unique customer demands.

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