How Spring Break Had to Wait a Little Longer, So a Baby Could Have a Better Shot


After a long night of packing for her family’s spring break vacation, Holli woke up at 4:40 AM Saturday morning. She noticed a text message on her phone. A six-day-old baby experiencing violent seizures needed a client’s medication immediately. Vacation was going to have to wait. By 5:20 AM, Holli was on the phone with the client to identify a solution. By 7:30 AM, she and her team were at the site (normally closed on Saturdays). The client had received an emergency Treatment IND from the FDA the night before. Next, through Thermo Fisher’s Total Transportation Management capability, they were able to arrange same-day shipment from their TSA-certified warehouse. No red tape. No delay. No package opening at the airport. The package went directly on a commercial flight, and was hand delivered to the hospital 12 hours after Holli received that text. Best of all, when every moment mattered most, a baby in urgent need could be treated with the client’s medication in hours instead of days.