How a Combination of Medicines Helped One Man Take Back His Life, and Inspired Us All


On a quiet Sunday afternoon, Pete and his wife Lisa took a moment to sit on a porch swing and relax. A small piece of wood holding the chain broke and they fell backwards causing Pete to break his neck. Now, this father of eight who had been a college athlete had to face life in a wheelchair, requiring assistance for even his most basic needs. Pete says while the physical toll was tremendous, the emotional and mental toll was even worse. In addition to dealing with his body having to understand its lack of function—from mobility to heat regulation—there was the depression and anxiety that also comes with watching his wife and kids step in to care for him. But Pete and Lisa did not give up. They worked for over a year with doctors to find the right mix of medications. Though it was a grueling process, eventually they got it right. Pete credits these medications with saving his life and giving him the strength to persevere. Together, Pete and Lisa look forward to the future: their daughter’s wedding, time with friends and family, even their first trip on an airplane since the accident. As Pete says, “We’ve been married 32 years. Not long enough.”